Does your organisation have a common thread? A brochure is an indispensable element in your bequest strategy. It showcases your organisation. How does such a brochure come about? What is the reflection behind it? Annelies, our in-house Designer, will take you through the visual side of the process. Your organisation already has a mission and a vision - but it also deserves a visual common thread. 04.05.2020 Strategy Layout Predict your future (2): the legacy market in Flanders Before we get into the details of which sector gets the most legacies in Flanders, let me give you one more statistic on why it’s the right time to invest in legacy fundraising. 27.05.2019 Strategy Trends Predict your future: the legacy market in Flanders The blog you’re about to read is considered a sin in fundraising. One of the first lessons I ever received as a fundraiser was: “don’t talk about the numbers of a charity, your story has to be emotional, people don’t connect with numbers”. Well, I will shed some light on the numbers of the last years of bequest fundraising in Flanders anyway. 06.05.2019 Strategy Trends Quality or price: what prevails in a guide on bequests? As production manager, I notice a clear difference between classic fundraising and fundraising for bequests. The latter is more sustainable in terms of philosophy. And that must also be reflected in the approach, and more particularly, in the finalization… 22.04.2019 Strategy Layout Production What fundraising can learn from advertising The advertisement world can learn a whole lot from the fundraising world. Just one example is how to have a result-driven mindset: to realise that all those beautiful brand stories should also  bring about better financial results. But (legacy) fundraising can also learn a thing or two from advertising… 21.03.2019 Strategy What do we do with the ‘D word’? What do you do with a word that is the essence of your whole program, but which does not motivate anyone to take action? Simple, you put it aside and trade it for something much stronger... 22.01.2019 Strategy Copywriting Sad puppy or happy puppy: which one will get you more legacies? There are lots of different types of fundraising. Those who invest in bequest fundraising have to avoid at least 1 big trap. Because your goal and target audience are different from other types of fundraising, adapting both visual and written communication is critical. A few guidelines will get you far… 19.11.2018 Strategy Copywriting Layout Your pot of gold just waiting to be collected (2/2) The most important question to ask yourself is: do your donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, …  know that you need legacies to change lives? 08.10.2018 Strategy Your pot of gold just waiting to be collected (1/2) How much more money do you need to really make a change in the world? To go from helping a few people to helping a community or a country? 01.10.2018 Strategy