What fundraising can learn from advertising

The advertisement world can learn a whole lot from the fundraising world. Just one example is how to have a result-driven mindset: to realise that all those beautiful brand stories should also  bring about better financial results. But (legacy) fundraising can also learn a thing or two from advertising…

Clever communication is clever communication. It doesn’t matter if the medium is paper, radio, television or online. And it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a car or show somebody your vision for a better world.

It’s unique however when these two worlds of advertising and fundraising collide. And it’s exceptional then, when a tv advertisement from a beer brewery talks about leaving a gift in your will. Yet this is exactly what Guinness did.

A short summary of the clip that you must watch (without ruining the story): a dying mother leaves her two adult sons a surprising will!


What can you learn from this story?

  1. Don’t be afraid to colour outside of the lines.
  2. Even when talking about death, the story doesn’t have to be all about grief. In bequest fundraising there is room for hope, happiness, perspective, … You can show a tear, but emphasize the smile!


Author: Luk Luk