Predict your future (2): the legacy market in Flanders

Before we get into the details of which sector gets the most legacies in Flanders, let me give you one more statistic on why it’s the right time to invest in legacy fundraising.

Underneath the chart shows a rise in deaths in Belgium over the next 35 years. Just knowing there are more people over 65 years old, and by consequence more people will decease, the odds of receiving more legacies are in your favour.

What was your cut of the 260 million euros divided over all charities in 2017?
Let’s see who is receiving the bulk of legacies today?

  • Religion: monasteries, catholic missions, …►Total amount collected: 27.908.303,49 euros.
  • Education: schools and universities ►Total amount collected: 14.738.521,38 euros.
  • Government: social housing, OCMW, CAW, … ►Total amount collected: 1.371.264,98 euros.
  • Medical sector: hospitals, retirement homes, charities for people with disabilities, research charities concerning diseases. ►Total amount collected: 96.107.851,40 euros.
  • Charities: every organisation that doesn't fit the above categories: small and big charities for example: nature preservation, animal charities, cultural organisations, sport clubs, ... ►Total amount collected: 120.087.597,47 euros.

Do you have to change your investment plan?
The opportunity that lays ahead is truly once in a lifetime for your charity. Your future colleagues will be grateful and your beneficiaries will benefit from the extra income generated by your legacy plan.

Author: Lore Maene Lore Maene
Legacy fundraising expert